Best hands you can have in poker online

In this article you’ll find all the information you need about the best combinations of poker hands with which you’ll definitely win. So if you want to learn the basics, keep on reading and find out what are the best starting hands in Texas Hold’em and how you can take advantage of every opportunity.

What you need to know is that some poker online principles can produce astronomical improvements in your results. Because there are over 160 different possible starting hands when it comes to Texas Hold’em, you need to find the combinations that suit you best. Out of all these possible hands, there are only five that are considered premium in poker online. And those are:

  1. Pocket Aces: AA
  2. Pocket Kings: KK
  3. Pocket Queens: QQ
  4. Ace-King (Suited): AK
  5. Pocket Jacks: JJ

If there isn’t a raise ahead of you, you should play one of the above mentioned previous hands, no matter what your position at the table is. If, however, no player has raised then you can play any hand that has some sort of potential value. Remember, poker online is still a strategy game so you need to pay attention to every move your opponent makes.

  1. Pocket Aces

Also known as bullets or rockets, this is a hand that permits you to pre-flop from any position. It’s also very hard to lose money with this hand. Once every 221 hands you will be dealt AA, and the chances of you winning depend much on the number of opponents you’re playing up against.

  1. Pocket Kings

This is the second most powerful starting hand in Texas Hold’em. When playing with Pocket Kings, it is advised that you raise and pre-flop. Why? Because raising will allow you to narrow down the path to only one, maximum two opponents the moment you hit the flop.

  1. Pocket Queens

This type of hand depends very much on the position you find yourself in. Most of the time you’ll be raising with the pair of Queens, and it’s best you flop when you are against only one or two oponents.

  1. Ace-King Suited   This hand has proved to be difficult to play for many players. But it’s not impossible to play it. With the help of this hand you can make a royal flush . How strong this hand is depends entirely on the flop.  After flopping this pair, you should make your bets bigger in order to make all your oponens fold. You should also pay attentipn to the intentions of the other players, because after you played the AK, they will either draw or hit.
  1. Pocket Jacks

This hand is also known as Fish Hooks because of the shape of the letter J.  You enter the flop strong with such a pair in hand. This type of hand has 50:50 chances against any unpaired hand. If the pot is unraised, the two Jacks will come in handy.

You’ll soon find out about the other hands that have a crucial role in poker. Until then, make sure you keep on playing poker online and improve your style of play!